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her name is doris daylight (hardly anyone believes it) doris was looking for community

and would be moved to announce that country australia is a wonderful place to be


people coming for dinner have been known to turn up at 10 in the morning!

in 12 hours new friends know all about doris

and she them

and an insight into all the neighbours is not just inevitable but mandatory


not everything always works out in the country

it can rain too much and too little in the same month,

fence posts are heavy, wombats dig holes, white cockatoos eat apples gregariously,

frosts nip off seedlings, pumps stop, power fluctuates....

doris has read a few hilarious disaster books written about farming tree changes

chauncey refuses to read any of them

what's so funny! he frowns


doris and chauncey share their domain with two border collies a hereford herd

some chooks four cunning foxes some cute sheep

and a profusion of respectable wildlife

seen by a visiting professional photographer was the azure kingfisher,

just near to the proposed helipad site


there are definitely no nudists at garden farm

whatever you may have been told by the neighbours

you may stay for the weekend there is a clean and tasteful cottage or two

whatever you may have been told by the neighbours

your humble hosts would be moved to declare that garden farm, a garden farm in the making,

is a beautiful place to spend your wages


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