bill mollison

wrote the permaculture bible sees himself as an intellectual rather than a gardener but has done lots -possibly the greatest living australian -ignored by the power brokers he reckons wryly that plants are carnivorous they'll get you in the end! read permaculture- a designer's manual more
sir albert howard 

in your study of organic natural transparent biodynamic chemical-free etc etc farming

you could do no better than absorbing the few lines which follow this click ruth stout I don't do anything I don't wanna do, unless I have to...and I don't have to watch this david holmgren a genius and true gardener who lives his dream hear david in this valuable interview and if you want the intellectual side of futures see
john seymour
enthusiasm and energy unlimited touches on every aspect of what he calls the self-supporter best sense of humour and love of life read the complete book of self-sufficiency "The Age of Plunder is nearly at an end. The Age of Healing is ready to be born. And whether it arrives or not depends upon two people: you and me" try this for a brilliant read geoff lawton the energy of this guy! determined to save the world he has as good a chance and following as any great ability to transfer what he knows generously enthusiastically want a permaculture guru and find bill a bit wry? geoff!
vandana shiva

india got it right to retain small farms

60%+ of its population on the land

however, certain moves in the world are threatening her country

-the race to produce cars by billionaires at the expense of the land the people and the air

-the monopolization by patents of seeds

-the coercion of farmers to pay huge fertilizer and herbicide input costs

'navdanya' is her brainchild and farm/university

more here about vandana



jackie french

why are all bob's friends so irreverent and radical? this lady is a genius and cuts through any skeric of bs that she may encounter and tells it true with great diy experience and no vested interest read anything of hers for pure joy have fun here
alex podolinsky
you have heard of biodynamics and rudolf steiner perhaps well old rudolf is mentioned in passing -just hold your breath but read or listen to alex podolinsky for a revelation of wisdoms those biodynamic farmers selling under the the demeter brand are the true disciples
masanobu fukuoka
his purpose is to promote what he calls natural farming and he is a selfless rather retiring and sad farmer who has shared what he knows but suspects that 'authority' will never really listen plenty of contradictions throughout but then again what is the good of a guru with ideas fixed in dogma read -the one straw revolution
joel salatin
this bloke is the pentultimate farmer I love his 'all I want to do is illegal' joel gets time to farm together with a grand lecture circuit read everything that joel wrote and writes because I get the feeling he has personally read everything relevant to farming on the planet look out for the article about encouraging the younger generation to stay on the farm- brilliant!
pa yeomans
no-one listened about the snowy or the murray or the divine facts about water bob reckons that he did -but he was only four so much is written today and so little said this is the guru 'Can't we forget about the site for the giant dam on the river for a while and take a look at water where it falls, since it is here our greatest source of wealth originates?' read -water for every farm bill mcdonough 'waste is food' sustainability? imagine says bill if you told your wife or husband that you were working on making the relationship' sustainable' aim higher! great futurist with a practical energetic approach to get things said and done strategically but not impatiently it is going to take all of us and it is going to take forever but forever is a wholesome goal read cradle to cradle  |