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Vandana Shiva

"The sacred cow symbolizes a biodiverse culture and a living economy.

The cow gives energy as draft power and fuel. She gives organic manure.

She gives food in the form of milk, ghee, butter, buttermilk, and yogurt.

Today cows are being banned from the roads to make way for the car.

The ficus tree is another sacred species in a biodiverse culture.

Throughout India ficus trees have been planted along roads to provide shade.

If a road had to be widened it would go around ficus trees.

Today millions of sacred ficus trees planted over hundreds of years are being cut down to make highways.

When something is sacred, it is inviolable.....The livelihoods of the poor were inviolable.

Today the car is inviolable.

India's short term economic miracle rests on the sacred car.

Nothing else is sacred anymore; nothing else is worthy of protection."


to read more of the words of vandana shiva winner of the 1993 right livelihood award

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