The live and let live of Nature's farming

a precis of the introductory chapter of ' an agricultural testament' by sir albert howard

the father of organic farming - send money (...only joking!)

he is suggesting we learn from the forest


plants PLUS animals- a gentle accumulation of vegetable and animal wastes convert by fungi and bacteria into humus

soil is protected from the direct action of sun, rain, and wind

well-marked crumb structure and a network of drainage and aeration channels by earthworms and other burrowing animals

ample humus for the direct absorption of moisture

any run-off is clear water

no soil erosion

streams and rivers are perennial because of the vast quantity of water in slow transit between the rainstorms and the sea

little or no drought

no waste anywhere

mineral matter from the subsoil carried by the transpiration current for use in the green leaves

humus provides the organic manure: the soil the mineral matter

soil always carries a large fertility reserve to store the rainfall

no hand to mouth existence about Nature's farming

no vaccines and serums for the protection of live stock

live and let live


could you and your farm live like that!

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